Drivers want to know car park availability before they arrive at the car park. With ParkJam, they can, and you can make it even better.

ParkJam primarily gets parking availability information from its users, but car park owners such as cities, employers, and private car park operators, can make sure their car parks are well covered. Drivers will appreciate it.

We have car park locations from Open Street Map, but if your car parks are missing, you can easily add them in ParkJam. We also have bits of information about car parks (e.g. parking fees, opening hours etc.) and again, you can easily add or fix them.

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use ParkJam in three easy steps:

  1. check that your car parks are known to the app (if not, you can easily add them),
  2. update the information about your car parks (capacity, opening hours, fees, links to online payment, and anything else you think drivers would like to know),
  3. if you can, let the app know when your car parks become full or when they become available.

We will be happy to assist — contact us at If you find ParkJam useful, please consider promoting it to drivers at your car park(s); we can provide simple poster or sticker designs.