The best way to find parking is to know beforehand where the spaces are. ParkJam makes its data available for open reuse.

ParkJam uses openly available geographic linked data and crowdsources parking availability information.

The application also openly publishes the crowdsourced data. We plan to make it easy to integrate third-party electronic systems so that we can have authoritative availability data, where available.

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Get the sources of ParkJam on GitHub:

As soon as we get to it, we will be publishing more documentation (especially the public API of the back-end server). Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

The following further resources about ParkJam are available:

Note: In the Planet Data project, the app is called “ParkMe” — we had to change the name because after the project was started, we realized that the original name was taken.

Initially, ParkJam expects to use the following data sources: