The best way to find parking is to know beforehand where the spaces are. With ParkJam, we can let each other know about the available car parks.

ParkJam is a mobile app for Android™ that gets parking availability information from its users, so that we can all conveniently find parking when coming to work or driving into town. When you find some car park is full, it's real easy to tell others about it.

We have car park locations from Open Street Map, and if any car parks are missing, you can easily add them in ParkJam. We also have bits of information about car parks (e.g. parking fees, opening hours etc.) and again, you can easily add or fix them.

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The app is available on Google Play for Android Gingerbread (2.3) and higher:

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You can also download it here:

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frequently asked questions

— Why should I be among the first to use ParkJam?
Frankly, we do not have many users yet, but even in places where no-one informs us about parking availability yet, the app can find car parks where you're driving and often it has some information about them. And if you start submitting availability (it's so easy), others will notice it and soon you'll know about full car parks.
— Can ParkJam tell me the number of available spaces?
Unfortunately, no. We can't ask ParkJam users to count available spaces, and we can't have every single driver tell us where they park.
— Will ParkJam lead me to the available space?
ParkJam only works with car parks, so it can only tell you whether the whole car park is expected to have spaces or to be full. If the app gets it wrong, make sure to let it know.